We hope to inspire a mindset that filters out noise and focuses on simplicity and intrinsic values. 



Starting as a creative writing outlet, Liass captured short stories that influence us to live for moments of experiences, meetings, and learnings, rather than chasing a larger (always moving) goal. This is the foundation we create from and evolve with. 
Our first line
Our pieces are designed with the consumer in mind and grounded in form and function for comfort and a minimal, refined aesthetic. Designed in New York. All pieces were produced locally and eco-consciously by a women-owned factory.

Liass Nyc

We spend all day in our underwear, they should be foundation pieces for the clothing we wear.




Our Fabrics
We have thoughtfully sourced our fabrics from US-based suppliers with similar values to our own.


Recycled polyester/spandex
This fabric has great 4-way stretch and a softer texture than most poly/lycra fabrics. It’s moisture-wicking and fast evaporating qualities will keep you cool and comfortable all day. Plus, it has UPF 50+ in case you thought of wearing your undies to the beach (we've thought about it).

Made out of recycled PET bottles, the production of recycled polyester uses 85-90% less energy and water and results in 65% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin manufacturing. And it saves bottles from landfill.


Soy/Organic cotton
This silky soft fabric shapes perfectly to your body. Soy fabric is known for great absorption and anti-bacterial qualities. It is used as the inner fabric in our pieces, allowing perspiration to evaporate and keeping you cool, comfortable and fresh.

Made from the hulls of soybeans, soy fibers are derived from food production waste. The plant itself is easily renewable, and the fiber biodegrades more quickly than other fabrics. Certification of the organic fibers used for this product complies with USDA NOP (National Organic Program.) rules.

Organic      Controll Union Certified


Liass Nyc

Nature thrives when there is balance in what we consume and contribute.



Our Inspiration
Growing up in Scandinavia, nature, and sustainability has always been close to home. It’s important for us to create with nature and our future in mind. We strive to leave as little impact on nature as possible and encourage our customers to do the same.